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Netechnics provides creative and fast designing solutions for web design, web development, web hosting and graphics design company (logo, banner, magazine design, layout design, newsletters, catalogs, package designs, labels, business advertisements, marketing material, desktop publishing, indesign solutions and many more!).

Based in Singapore, being around since 1997, countless businesses and organizations around the world have turned to Netechnics for help. Our commitment to quality and high standards keeps our clients happy and more importantly – coming back again and again.

Interested in joining the Netechnics team? Drop us an email at [email protected]

Desktop Publishing & Graphics Design Services

Designing professional-quality documents, from cards to marketing materials, we use a range of desktop publishing software. To enable our customers to have the end product in any format ranging from PDFs,or eBooks for iPad® and Kindle™, and make interactive multimedia brochures!



Our Commitment

Being a medium size company comprising of a close knit qualified and experienced team, we have the advantage of delivering exactly what you need – custom made to the clients specifications. We ensure that every project we take on is delivered to the clients satisfaction as scheduled and on time.
In this regard, we guarantee our clientele with the assurance that if we are unable to fulfill on our commitment to deliver on time, their project will be delivered complimentary at no cost to the client.
Our dedication is to serve you with flexibility to ensure delivery of your specific requirements. We are realistic in our belief that there is always room for improvement and accept valued feedback from you our client. To achieve this, we strive to understand issues faced by each individual client and continue making improvements on an ongoing basis. Should you have any suggestions, you are always welcome to contact us via the contact form.

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